January 22, 2012

Habs Struggle as the City Watches

Montreal is in the unusual position of trying to rally around an NHL club which continues to flounder near the bottom of the league.  The saga of the 2011-2012 Habs is well known throughout the NHL.

The team has battled internally as some players riled the media with comments illustrating the intensity of the internal conflict.  The biggest prima donna for the Habs now toils in Cow Town  and it seems that the rebuilding process is starting to take hold.
Rene Bourque has added size and grit to the Habs.  Subban is back on track and Price seems to have regained some optimism.  The likely hood of playoff contention is still remote but true Habs diehards have not given up.  Water cooler talk in La Belle Province is all about late a season pushes and a potential miracle ice.

We don't share their blind belief but we do respect the fact that Canadiens management has recognized the issues and we expect that fans will see many changes come the 2013-2014 edition of the club.  Montreal is a temple of hockey and once the Habs get some true hockey people in the front office; the cream will rise to the top once again.

Price, Subban, Georges and others will form the nucleus of a new club which will turn around faster than most people expect.  In a funny twist of fate; the roles were reversed last night as Montreal went into Toronto and beat the Leafs who seem playoff bound.  This kind of role reversal will probably be a one year phenomena.  Toronto might have been ok with their recent playoff skid but that won't be the case in Montreal. Management will recognize this fact and do what needs to be done.  Habs fans may not be smiling come year end but the future looks bright to us after this near death  season for hockey's most storied franchise.  

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