January 8, 2012

Canucks and Flames Ring Up Victories for West Coast Hockey

Time differences often leave West Coast NHL teams in the dark when it comes to fan followings.  Big markets like Toronto, Montreal, Boston, and New York seem to always take center stage on the ESPN's and TSN's of the world.  The obvious reason is that they all play in the EST time zone.  That is an unfortunate fact and it means that some great hockey teams and players , out West, get ignored by more than half the NHL fan base.  

That West Coast magic was on display for all to see in Boston last night as the Canucks rolled into town for a rematch to last year's Stanley Cup final.  The game was very intense as expected and Vancouver came out on top by a final of 4-3.  The Bruins tried to muscle their brothers from out West but the Canucks smashed back and showed that they can play the type of game which cost them the Cup last year.  As everyone recalls the poor Canucks were unable to go toe to toe physically with the Bruins in last year's final.  This doesn't seem to be an issue now .Last night's game seems to have heralded a change for the Canucks and the Bruins and everyone else in the NHL should be paying attention.

Jerome Iginla finally racked up his 500th goal for the Calgary Flames on Saturday night.  It was the game winning goal for the Flames against the Wild. The Flames  who have been playing a better brand of hockey for the last month or so; seem ready to make a strong push at the end of the year.  Their captain is destined for the Hall of Fame and he will go down in Co Town as one of the greats along with Lanny McDonald.  His 500th last night was a game winner for his team and that is a testament to his leadership.  Iginla always seems to score when it counts and we think Flames' fans can expect many more productive years from their favourite son.

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