December 8, 2010

Old Man Recchi still very much a Wrecking Ball into His 40s

Mark Recchi is 42 years old. Think about that for a second. He could likely be your dad. Hell, he's older than Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, who's 41, and he's a grandfather! Still, unlike Favre, who seems keen on finding new and interesting ways to help his team lose, Recchi continues to contribute to the Boston Bruins, scoring his sixth goal of the season, the game-winner in overtime, against the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday.

Recchi is now on pace for 55 points, which is inspiring considering when he broke into the league in 1988-89 teammate Tyler Seguin had not yet been born, while Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic were still in diapers. I have it on good authority that a four-year-old Patrice Bergeron was already adding and subtracting, but he's just been known to just faster than others.

So good has Recchi been that he's making the Pittsburgh Penguins look oh, so foolish for placing him on waivers back in 2007, which is pretty hard to do considering their draft history in recent years (of course, they did draft Angelo Esposito, but everyone's entitled to a quagmire every now and then). Had the Penguins, a team so short on wingers that they're being forced to move Jordan Staal from his bread-and-butter position of center - if he ever returns, kept him there's no telling what would have happened in the Stanley Cup Finals that spring against the Detroit Red Wings. I mean he would have been back from Florida for the winter and everything.

All this means is that if the Bruins are getting key contributions from players they weren't expecting, they will be very dangerous come the playoffs. That and they won't have to sign Miroslav Satan again, which is always a plus. Recchi's likely made enough of a deal with the devil for the entire team.

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