May 23, 2011

Vigneault, Higgins, Lapierre - Winning is becoming a HAB-it for Canucks !!!

The Canucks are aiming straight for the Cup and with their recent play, they are making believers out of the entire league.  The team which boasts superstars like Salo, Luongo and the Sedins; has a distinct Montreal taste to it.   Vancouver is a well balanced group which has the European flash with North American grit.  Kesler and Torres have been key components to the recent run but we tip our hat to Higgins and Lapierre as well.  These two recent acquisitions by the Canucks have the common thread of having played for the Montreal Canadiens.  

Playing for the Habs gave both players the tough skin to endure high pressure situations.  The playoffs are the ultimate pressure cooker for NHLers and Higgins and Lapierre have responded in a standout way for Vancouver.  When the Blackhawks were spooking the Canucks in the first round both these guys became leaders off and on the ice and gave them the edge to carry on.  Alain Vigneault ,who was the bench boss for the Habs at one time , obviously recognized the plus for playing for Montreal.  His acquisition of Lapierre and Higgins could prove to be the understated catalyst for a Canucks victory in the final for the Cup.  Nothing is guaranteed but we like the odds. 
Go Canucks !!!  Eat your heart out Montreal !!!    The Canucks have the winning Hab - it !!!

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