December 8, 2011

The Phoenix Coyotes Escape the Fallen King of Blackberry

Boy or boy;  it is good for Phoenix and the NHL that the King of RIM (Research in Motion) was unable to buy the Coyotes.  Jim Balsillie (the self anointed crown prince of Waterloo, Ontario) was in hot pursuit of the Coyotes not long ago.  He was very insistent on moving the team to Hamilton (Ontario) but he didn't count on the NHL and the community in Phoenix kicking back and saying no.  Since then Mr.Blasillie has had his hands full with the collapse of his company's stock price resulting from the IPHONE's successful assault on the Blackberry.  Billions of dollars later; Mr.Balsillie has got his hands full trying to save his company.  If he had been successful in acquiring the Coyotes; he would have two problems instead of one and the NHL team in Phoenix would be worse for the experience.

The desert rats of the NHL are quietly winning games and taking names.  The team beat the Blackhawks and Predators this week and they did so without fanfare.  They are up against the Red Wings tonight and if they win; they would be 3 for 3 on their latest road trip.  The team leads the Pacific Division of the NHL with 33 points and they show no signs of slowing down.  Dave Tippett (the head coach of the Coyotes) has done a brilliant job of rallying this team despite losing Bryzgalov to the Flyers in the off season.  Ray Whitney and Shane Doan are the veterans who are showing the young Coyotes how to win on a nightly basis.  This is a real team effort and every time they put another victory in the plus column; it is thanks to the entire roster.

Phoenix is a well oiled hockey machine.  They may now be  making tons of money but they are building something special right in the middle of the blazing desert.   The reason of the success is commitment and hockey knowledge.  Pay attention MR. RIM; not everything is about money and opportunity.  Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.  If Mr.Balsillie had been focused on his company and not the Coyotes ; maybe he would have seen Apple coming and done something about it. Good luck to the Coyotes and good luck to RIM.  We hope both the team and the company make it out of their problems.     

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