December 30, 2011

2012 NHL Predictions

Sidney Crosby will not play a game till the 2012-2013 season

That being said the Penguins will still win the Stanley Cup.

Nashville will lose both Shea Weber and Ryan Suter to Free Agency. Reason being Weber feels jilted and Suter shines this year and gets a huge payday. However sense I love seeing hockey flourish in non-traditional markets I hope not.

There will be a new CBA signed, but not right away. I don't see it being as bad as the NFL or the NBA but it won't get done September 15th.

There will be a major rule change to try and curb concussions. It maybe re-instituting the red line but hopefully it will be shortening the ice surface by 10 feet.

God Forbid without another incident, but with pressure from other governing bodies the NHL will institute hybrid icing.

Donald Fehr will become the most hated man in Hockey, but only because 85 percent of hockey fans don't realize his genius.

Phoenix will move to either Quebec City or Kansas City.

The Florida Panthers will sign a big free agent because attendance will blossom. Proving winning not geography trumps all.

Nick Lidstrom won't hang 'em up and continue to be top-blue liner for the Detroit Red Wings.

Guy Boucher will be the new coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

At least one former American Superstar will attempt a comeback and fail.

God Willing The Chicago Blackhawks change “Chelsea Dagger” as their goal song and “SandStorm" as their powerplay song.

Gary Bettman will have a very special announcement live from the 50 yard line at Michigan Stadium with Rocky Wirtz, Patrick Kane, Jonathon Toews, Mike Ilitch, Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk. 2013 Winter Classic live from the Big House

This last prediction is more of a wish...Dear NHLPA, please approve all players using softcap shoulder and elbow pads at ASAP!


 - Joe DeTolve

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