October 15, 2011


It is still very early in this new NHL season and guessing the outcome of games is still a roll of the dice.  Seeing that the NHL has a packed slate tonight we consulted our magic eight ball to give us some insight into what we might expect when the boys hit the ice.

The Leafs are first on our list as they take on the Flames tonight.  Reimer looks hot  so we will give this one to the Leafs.  Calgary did beat Montreal but this could have given the Flames an undeserved feeling of accomplishment.  Carey Price was like Swiss cheese and the Habs were nursing many injured players.  The Leafs don't have to contend with a serious injury issue so we will give the victory to the Leafs for this match up.  

Speaking of Montreal, they take on Colorado tonight.  Montreal will probably underestimate this team and rack up another loss.  The Avalanche are gaining strength from game to game and if they get to Price early; this game will be  a lopsided contest. If the Habs fall behind early in this game, it will shake the confidence of the team playing in front of Price. Price is like god in Montreal but he can't do it alone.  He needs help on defense and the defense needs confidence to play all three periods even if they are behind on the scoreboard.

We like the Islanders over the Rangers in a NYC match up.  Tavares should take most of the offensive load for the Islanders and a strong performance from Montoya will result in a victory for the boys from Long Island.  This game is important for the Islanders.  They have a young team and young teams are prone to momentum be it good or bad.  

Washington is taking on Ottawa in a NHL battle of capitals.  This match up doesn't seem fair to us. Ottawa is still looking to find its own footing and they could crumble easily in the face of an onslaught by the young snipers from the Capitals. Boudreau has a squad full of offensive dynamite versus a Senators bench which under performs on the best of nights.

The Penguins will confront the Sabres in what could be the tightest game of the night.  We like Buffalo in this matchup.  They had a strong start in Europe and they should rebound nicely against the Penguins which are still looking for direction.

Anyway you cut it, it is going to be a heck of a night for hockey. Enjoy boys and girls !!!

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