October 24, 2011


So it is finally official.  The Habs are in free fall and no one know where the bottom might be.  The young group of players for the Canadiens have to be scratching their heads after their latest 2-1 loss to the Florida Panthers.  Montreal put in Peter Budaj in to replace Carey Price in this game and they still lost.  I would argue that the score might have been worst if Price had been allowed to play.  The team played alright in front of Budaj and if Martin has the guts to stick with the goalie; we should see improvement in the team's play in the next game with Budaj.  

Habs management is under the gun to make some changes.  The contracts with Markov and Gomez will be put under the microscope in order to see if they can  be moved to get some salary cap room to make some changes on the roster.  Center ice and defense are at the top of the Habs wish list and it would seem to us that the best trade bait that the Habs can dangle is Carey Price.  Many fans are afraid we are reliving the Patrick Roy situation.  I think this is more like the Richard Sevigny or Jose Theodore situation.  The Habs need to get what they can for Price and stop the bleeding now.  If the Habs turn into an NHL version of a pee wee hockey team.  These guys are lost and they need some guidance and change.  Give them hope with a big change and we might find leadership with new players who can lead them back to at least .500.

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