October 26, 2011


Fans in Montreal are notoriously hard on the Canadiens.  Montreal is a hockey hotbed and the fans right now are in considerable pain given that the Habs are languishing near the bottom of the NHL .  Hockey heroes have turned into hockey losers and everyone in La Belle Province has an idea on how to solve the Habs' slump.

This writer today was at lunch and overheard a distraught Habs fan saying that the Habs should be trading their fallen hero, Carey Price , for a bag of pucks.  Of course this kind of talk is extreme but it does show how badly sentiment has worsened in the last week or so.  Talk shows and newspapers are speculating about trades and firings.  Coach Martin is front and center in terms of the speculation and the tension will only get worse if they lose tonight.  The boys in the red, white and blue are taking on the Flyers and we another loss looms large.  On top of that ; the Habs' next opponent is Boston.  If these guys lose those two games; Martin could be out of job by the weekend.

It is way too easy to toss the coach.  The coach doesn't lace up skates and play.  Players play and right now the Habs don't have enough skilled or experienced players to compete. Hopefully the Habs will see their way clear to trading a few of their high price players and keep Martin behind the bench.  Maybe Price for a bag of pucks is a bad idea but Price for a second or third line center and an experienced defenseman would go a long way to stemming the bleeding.  Time will tell what's around the corner for the Habs but we think there is more pain to come. Hopefully they don't keep losing at the same pace because if things get much worse the Price for pucks deal will look like a great deal.   

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