September 11, 2011

HABS LOOKING HOT FOR 2011-2012 - Standouts at each position for this coming season:


The new guys on board for the Habs could make the difference for the team this year.

Forward =  #72 Erik Cole

After coming off a 52 point performance, Erik Cole is looking for another solid season in his new home. The Canadiens are hoping that his size and consistency will pay off in the long run. He’s a 6 foot 2 power forward with good scoring ability. He’s looking to get onto that 1st line with Plekanec and Cammalleri, which needs a big presence in front of the net. Last season that line struggled due to injuries and lack of consistency from Andrei Kostitsyn, who is now slotted as a 3rd line winger. I predict Cole to have about 60 points, as he’s now playing with more talented players who can give him the puck.

Defense = #26 Josh Gorges

The Kelowna, BC native played only 36 games last season, due to injury, yet he is still considered one of , if not the most consistent defenceman on the team. A solid leader, he and Hal Gill are the anchors to the penalty kill. He is an underrated player, who is truly adored by fans. He should have an “A” on his sweater, as he always shows great leadership qualities on and off the ice. Look for him to play with Andrei Markov for most of the season, as Gill played and was a great mentor for PK Subban. Look for Gorges to have about 25 points this season, and as always be a plus player, especially now with a healthy Andrei Markov.

Goalie = #30 Peter Budaj

I know everyone is going to be extremely surprised with my pick of him over Carey Price, but I feel as though a strong team needs to have a strong goaltending tandem. Look at the Bruins last year, they were comfortable putting in Tuuka Rask. Well I feel comfortable with all 4 of our goalies  (Carey Price, Peter Budaj, Nathan Lawson and Peter Delmas) going into this season. I feel as though Budaj will play in about 20 games this year, and win about 12 of them. He has to be prepared and take advantage of his opportunity this year as it is probably his last year to make a name for himself. He had a rocky start to his career in Colorado, but I believe that after this summer, the Canadiens whole team is stronger, including the goalie situation.

2011-2012 is going to be key for the Habs faithful and these guys make all the real Montreal fans smile with anticipation.

Article written by Noah Goren.

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