May 1, 2011

Ovechkin, Boucher, and the Sedins - Where are the superstars ???

The 2011 Stanley Cup race has been a roller coaster for all the teams which are in the post season.  The parity in the NHL is evident with the number of OT and double OT games.  Just last night we saw the Canucks and the Predators battle in a double OT  showdown crowned by the play of Roberto Luongo.
Some astute NHL fans don't buy the parity argument.  They think the number of OT game is directly linked to the under performance by some of the key players and stars from some teams which are still battling and/or have been knocked out.   We can see how this argument can make sense for fans of teams like Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Washington.
Vancouver leads the parade of underperformers.  The Canucks had terrorized the NHL in the regular season in a string of high scoring victories.  The run and gun Canucks look a lot like the Capitals from last year.  The Sedins which were on the scoreboard all the time in the regular season are nowhere to be found in the post season.   Roberto Luongo is the reason the Canucks are still a threat in the playoffs.  If Vancouver doesn't get the big guns scoring, they will fall by the wayside just like the Capitals in last year's playoffs series.
Boucher, Boucher, Boucher !!!!  This guy is giving the Flyer faithful fits.  He is playing like swiss cheese and this problem needs to be fixed.  The goalie is key and confidence in the goalie is a priority for a playoff team.  They need Brian Boucher to wake up from his coma and start supporting the forwards.  This is a good team but without a decent goalie they are doomed !!!

Ovechkin is the Boucher of Washington.  His success on the ice is critical to the Caps.  It is going to be interesting see if the hot and cold Russian has the ##### to play up to his ability.  Crunch time is the time for superstars to show up.   We like Washington for an appearance in the finals.  However, with Ovechkin firing blanks; Tampa will destroy the Caps and send them packing.
It is time NHL stars take the game seriously and perform when it counts.  Fans spend good money going to the games and they deserve the best at playoff time.    

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