April 27, 2011


Last night was a night of deliverance for Roberto Luongo.  Everyone and his uncle were doubting his ability to come through in the big game and he finally put all the naysayers down by leading his team to a 2-1 victory, in overtime.  Cinderella abandoned the BlackHawks and the boys from ChiTown will now be hitting the gulf links.  Ryan Kesler was a thorn in Chicago's side all night and we think he could be a big factor in the next series encounter for the Canucks.  Vancouver went from a team of destiny to chokers to a team of destiny in just two weeks.  This kind of reversal is a solid sign of things to come.  The future looks bright for Canucks fans and a run to the finish line for Vancouver seems to be a definite possibility.

Another big game for Canadians last night was the showdown in Montreal between the Habs and Bruins.  Just like the Canucks, the Habs gave up a huge series lead to the Bruins and found themselves in a must win last night.  Carey Price has been nothing but amazing and he has kept the Canadiens in the series.  Last night, the Habs took it 2-1 and set the stage for a final game in Boston tonight.  This one is a toss up.   The Bruins have been unable to score on the power play during this series.  This could be the decisive point for game 7. Which ever way it turns out, the game will be one to watch.  This year's Cup race has been a real treat for hockey nuts and tonight's game in Boston won't disappoint.         

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