April 22, 2011

Bruins are #1 !? At Least in Andrew Ference's Mind

Looks like the Boston Bruins players love the spotlight.  Everyone remembers how Chara tried to grind Pacioretty into the boards late this season.   Now the boys in black and gold are being recognized for the antics of another one of their "dumdums".  It looks like Andrew Ference couldn't control his emotions on Thursday night and decided to give the Habs fans , the we are #1 salute !!!  This stupidity is part and partial of the Bruins road show.  The NHL seemed to take the disrespect in stride and fined Ference a paltry $2500 USD.  This was another situation where the NHL missed the spot.

It will be funny to see what Don Cherry has to say about his favourite team.  Nonsense is nonsense.  Maybe old Don will put on his glasses and see how bad Ference's actions reflect on the NHL and the Bruins.  We like the guts the Bruins showed by coming back against the Habs.  Playing at the Bell Center is not easy for anyone including the Habs.  Heck, ask Carey Price.  If Carey had flipped off the Bell center faithful every time he was pissed last season, Carey would have sent all his pay check to the NHL head office to pay for the fines.  Show some class Andrew the next time you don't like what you hear.  You represent the NHL and the Bruins;  ACT LIKE IT !!!!       

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