December 3, 2010

Respecting the Jersey is a Lot Easier when You Have a Team like the Bruins Do

Of course, this newest Boston Bruins commerical was conveniently released just recently, with the team dismantling the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday, but that fact certainly doesn't take away from the Bruins being destined for greatness in one form or another in the near future. With the team already shoulder-deep in depth, Marc Savard is finally back, the team likely has another top-three draft pick coming this summer, and the goalie Pierre McGuire thinks will be the best in the game isn't even getting a whiff of the net with Tim Thomas playing light-out hockey. Of course, no one should put that much stock into what McGuire has to say because when he sees a player he likes he tends to get about as overexcited as a kindergartner hopped up on sugar that sees a brand-new commercial for the greatest toy in the world mere weeks before Christmas. Nevermind that it's made in Finland, has faulty wiring, and has a tendency to flip its lid every once in a while during a shootout gone awry. Still, there's no denying Tuukka Rask is going to be great and the Bruins are well on their way as a team.

By the way, wouldn't it have made sense to have Terry O'Reilly land a few punches after he gets soaked, just for added comedic effect? Maybe that's just me and my sick sense of humour.

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