December 1, 2010

If You Needed Further Proof 'Gagne' Is French for Win, here You Go

It's not that the Tampa Bay Lightning's Simon Gagne's return to action on Tuesday was so great that it's got everyone cheering (although it was a pretty decent performance overall). It's that his season up to that point was so bad. I mean, his two points last night effectively doubled his offensive output up to that point. Wait... that's not right. Tripled? Huh. My mind must be slipping. What multiplied by "Zero points" yields two?

Indeed, his game-winning goal and his assist on Ryan Malone's game-tying goal in the second period were his first two points of the year in seven tries. Of course, here's hoping he keeps it up and is able to put the past and his neck injury behind him, because no one wants to look at the salary dump that brought him to Tampa (for defenseman Matt Walker and a fourth-round pick) as a win for the Philadelphia Flyers... except maybe Walker's parents.

In any case, his breakthrough performance on Tuesday was made possible by Martin St. Louis, scoring the 3-3 game-tying goal with less than 10 seconds to go in the game. As such, in a sense, it was also made possible by the Toronto Maple Leafs and their inability to win games this year. Still, good on Gagne for finally getting it going.

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