November 24, 2010

The Reason Wolski Rarely Scores? He Rarely Shoots

This is only Phoenix Coyote Wojtek Wolski's fourth goal of the season, putting him on pace for a relatively modest 16. Going into last night's game against the Edmonton Oilers, he only had 34 shots on goal all season  (he had three last night). It begs the question: If he has such a killer shot, why isn't he using it more? Admittedly, the Coyotes were playing the defensively lax Oilers and the defensively lax Devan Dubnyk was in goal, but one still has to give props to Wolski for what amounts to a truly impressive skillset. Of course, he was benched for two games earlier this season for not showing enough effort during games, but it's clear that if this hockey thing doesn't work out he could probably still find work with the Oilers (because what they're doing right now isn't exactly playing hockey).

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