November 16, 2010

The Hit that Epitomizes the Devils' Season so far: the Whole Team Has Been Turned Ass-Backwards

Here's the story of two different teams. Meet the New Jersey Devils: Too small, too slow, too easy to push around, blessed with scoring forwards that can't score, and crippled by the contract of a would-be superstar that has essentially kept them from playing their game. Meet the Boston Bruins: their over-the-hill, overpaid goalie is outplaying every other one in the league, including the Devils', they've got four lines they can roll out like it's nobody's business, their best player isn't even healthy, along with one other top-six forward, and, oh, yeah, their insurance policy in their back pocket for those times something doesn't go their way: they've got the seemingly nepotic and overzealous (let's not forget foul-mouthed) senior vice president's son on their roster. Are we all acquainted? Good. Now, Mattias Tedenby, meet Mark Stuart. Play nice, you two.

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