November 2, 2010

Henrik Proving His Name is Sedin and not Semin

In many ways, Washington Capitals sniper Alexander Semin has a lot in common with the Vancouver Canucks' Sedin twins. They're all red-headed, they each make their livings lighting the lamp (which is also red), and as a result they're also each insanely rich. However, it's still hard to picture Semin being able to score this goal, as Henrik did outwaiting New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur on Monday night. For starters, as evidenced by his lack of success in the first round against the Montreal Canadiens last playoffs (44 shots, 0 goals), he seems to lack the wherewithal to actually show up during crunch time. Coincidentally, Semin is also tied with the twins' former linemate Markus Naslund in terms of career shootout percentage with a relatively woeful 32.26%. Just a little food for thought pertaining to a guy whose star fell faster than fellow-Canuck Alex Burrows like a ton of bricks when the referee's watching. A glimpse into the future perhaps for the Cap?

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