February 28, 2012

This week is the Going Deep Trade Deadline Special!

Grant recaps all of the trades that happened before the deadline, and also discusses what else happened in and around the NHL throughout the past week during the “Headlines”.

He then discusses the 5 main topics of the day

1)      The Jeff Carter trade to LA, for Jack Johnson & a 1st. And why he believes the Jackets didn’t get enough for him. (30 minutes-39:30)

2)      Steve Downie in the 3 way trade that sent him to Colorado, Quincey to DET, & a 1st rounder to TB. And why he believes the trade should have never happened. (39:30-46)

3)      Andrei Kostitsyn being reunited with his brother in Nashville, and whether or not the combination will work. (46-53:30)

4)      Hodgson being shipped to Buffalo for Kassian, and why it’s a big risk for the Canucks. (53:30-57:30)

5)      The trades we expected that never happened and why they didn’t.

-          Rick Nash: why teams were wise to stay away (57:30—61:30)

-          Steve  Ott & other big names: why they werent moved (61:30-62:30)

-          Why Burke was smart to not make a big move for the Leafs, and how the true winners of the deadline were the teams that stayed away from the high prices, and showed self-restraint (62:30…)

If you have any suggestions for next week’s podcast feel free to tweet Grant @TheSportsGrind

Enjoy the show!

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