February 26, 2012

The $50,000 dollar question? 'What are the Leafs Sellers or Buyers'?

Send in your comments to Coach Nye and explain what you would do with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As a coach, well I will tell you one thing BB and Ron 'not my fault' Wilson will need to do is stay calm and not let the emotions take over for the next 24 hours. Because they have alot of decisions to make that will either tell their fans in Leaf Nation they are sellers or buyers.

Taking a look at last nights contest and this is only the Coach's opinion I think the masterminds behind the Leafs will be looking at all possibilities and not over reacting. I do not think blowing up what they have created is the answer but I do think there is some bodies to move and to replace with the younger core coming up from the Marlies.

The Leafs for some reason again came out flatter then a 'pancake'  with no zip or any intensity which you would think these players would be doing. But know they didn't, they allowed the Capitals to out work them, out chance them and to add insult to injury the Caps did it front of the 1962 Toronto ML Stanley Cup Winners, who the present club honoured before the game.

Just 4 minutes into the game the Capitals were up 2-0 which resulted in give aways by the Leafs defence and a bad attempt of goal tending by Reimer. Both goals need to be stopped but you can't blame Reimer entirely as his own team mates left him out to dry a few times all evening.

All game the Leafs looked disorganized in their own end and then when the did mustered up some offence it was from the outside as the Capitals kept the Leafs from entering the scoring zone (front of the net) as much as possible.

Going into the 2nd period was really no better as the Capitals scored another two making the score 4-0 and a hole way to big for the Leafs to climb out of. Though Reimer did show a bit of a spark but the rest of his team mates didn't get the same 'memo' from the coach in between the 2nd and 3rd periods. There was no going hard to the net, not getting into open spots on the ice or even any real back checking done. It almost looked like and I hate to say because I'm not one who believes in this but it looked like the team has given up on Wilson and his coaching tactics (there I said it!)

Finally in the 3rd the Leafs got on the score board with a goal from Colby Armstrong and then another at the 15:03 mark scored by Tim Connolly, a little to late to develop any type of come back for sure and believe me any type of salvation to this season as the Leafs are falling and falling fast!

Game Notes

Alex Ovechkin picked up his pace last night and collected a couple of assists to have a good evening. He seems to love playing the Leafs as he has picked up 42 points in 26 games against them.

Count them....3 defensive turnovers by the Leafs in 32 seconds....not good hockey for sure.

Not sure how long the players and Brian Burke can handle  this but getting booed off the ice continually for the past 3 games is going to take it's toll.

Leafs are up again after the trade deadline on Tuesday 28th vs the Panthers,game time at 7pm

Until Next Time.

See you after the game.

Coach Nye

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